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Drop Zone Farms
Drop Zone Farms
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For Sale & Our Policy

Our herd has always tested negative for CAE. No other diseases or viruses have been presented within our herd. We encourage goat buyers and breeders to test, cull, and keep a disease free farm at all times to prevent the spread of contagious and degenerative diseases.

Our goat kids are dam raised while also being subjected to constant human interaction. Dam raised goat kids are healthier, have better coats, and learn important skills that only other goats can teach them!


** We do not sell bottle babies**

Goat kids are available to new homes upon weaning, usually between 8-10 weeks of age. Half down, non-refundable deposits are required if you would like to hold a reservation.

Pricing is based on the quality of the goats produced, quality of pedigree, color and pattern, and horn status (ie: polled vs disbudded).